Toner saved my skin

Toner is supposed to be used after you wash your face, to prep your skin for any serum or cream you'll be applying. It will clean all the left over makeup (if there is) and dirt off your skin for unclogged pores and diminish your blemishes.

Since I got rid of my acne and my skin has been behaving so well, I switched from a very simple basic skin care to a more complete one. That's why I recently started to use a toner that took me a lot of time to choose. I feel like at this point there are all the same and all so expensive but Kiehl's cucumber herbal toner caught my eye.

I just couldn't not talk about it and it's even hard for me to make a short blogpost like I'm used to because there are so many things to say about it. It's an alcohol free toner for dry and sensitive skin which I currently have because of the cold season. I apply it with my hands twice a day after cleansing and after it absorbs I apply my moisturizer. With this combination of products, my skin feels beyond AMAZING. It's so effective that I recommended it to all my friends. I can see a big difference in the way my skin has been reacting to pollution in Paris. I'll definitely repurchase it !

Je ne pouvais pas ne pas vous parlez de ce produit et il y a tellement de chose à dire dessus. C'est un toner sans alcool for les peaux sèches et sensibles, ce qui est mon cas en ce temps très froid. Je l'applique avec mes mains deux fois par jours après m'être laver le visage et je laisse poser avant d'appliquer ma crème. Avec cette alliance de produits, ma peau est plus que GÉNIALE. C'était le bienvenu avec cette pollution à Paris, atroce. C'est tellement efficace que je l'ai recommandé à tous mes amis. Je vais définitivement le racheté !