5 Things to know before shopping online

From a shopaholic (since 1997) to another one, here are 5 things you'll probably need to consider before buying online πŸ˜₯

1. Size guide πŸ“

The main issue you'll have to deal with is finding your size. It's not difficult because usually you know it (I hope so). However some brands like ASOS, MissGuided or NAKD propose collections for small, tall, plus size and it's when it gets tricky. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Not talking about size conversion which aren't common to find but still important to look at especially for US and UK sizes that use the same numbers but not for the same size.

2. Model sizes πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Always take a look at the model's height and the size she's wearing. This tip has fooled me so many times, especially for jeans. Models are usually 5"10 so be aware that jeans are going to be longer on you if you're shorter (and vice versa).

Also something that probably not everyone knows about and that one of my friend who's a model told me : there are many brands (included the ones quoted in this post) that pinched clothe on models during photoshoots. Sometimes it's visible but honestly for common people like us who don't work in the fashion industry, it's barely noticeable.


3. Material πŸŽ€

Look up the material/ingredient of EVERY item you purchase online. If not, you might get surprised once you receive your order because it's either bad quality, too sheer, too tight...

Most of the time I try to go for 100% cotton, real leather and viscose. Remember that good quality might be a bit more expensive but it will last you longer so it's worth it. Think about twice before buying a bag or shoes that are expensive but lower-quality. How many times are you actually going to wear it ? Is it going to be comfortable ?

4. Delivery/Return πŸ“¦

Delivery usually takes between 3-5 business days. However during sales, it can take twice longer and you'll definitely need to read my 5th advice. In addition, they are multiple delivery method you can choose from but be ready to spend a little more if you're doing last minute shopping and need your order quickly. My thing is to choose store delivery when standard delivery isn't free. 

As for returns, two brands I regularly shop online are Zara and H&M for a simple reason : you can return in stores. This is the best thing ever because you won't have to wait for weeks until the brand receive your return, process it and refund you. Store returns are quick, easy and effective. Don't worry about your return being lost. If so, always make sure to keep a proof that you actually did the return.

5. Patience πŸ‘€

Patience is key my friends. If you don't have any, then don't even think about shopping online. It's a long long process to wait for your size, then wait for your order to be shipped (not a good idea to order during week ends), and finally wait to receive it. There is a lot of waiting that comes with online shopping because you're only in control while you're choosing what you're adding to your basket. After you payed, it's out there in the wild. Don't think about it no more and before you'll know it, it's there.