Bright nails for Summer


Nail polish game is back and stronger than ever ! I decided to kick out this beauty category with one of my favorite beauty product : Nail polish of course. For me, the color that you were define who you are and your mood, so it tells a lot. I love nail polish because it's the first beauty product I've ever worn long time before make up (which I abandoned). My sundays consist of preping my nails for a coat or two of nail polish. I usually know what color suits me the best but sometimes I'll just go with whatever I'm feeling. Since I have a yellow-ish skin tone, I prefer warmer colors especially bright red or orange but some cooler colors can do as well. It really depends.

I own a pretty big collection but I'm always giving some away since I know what I would and wouldn't wear whatsoever but I'm happy that nude colors exist because what would we do without it ? It suits EVERYONE and makes your nails clean and flawless without looking like you put too much effort into it. I can definitely not get out of my house with broken nails or dirty nail polish. As far as I'm concerned I prefer pastel and bright colors over dark because I always like to be reminded of spring and summer. In this case, I picked out mainly from Essie and L'Oréal since theirs are a significant part of my collection.

Je possède une important collection de vernis mais je finis souvent par les donner car je sais quelles couleurs je met et lesquelles je ne mettrai jamais mais à mon sens je suis ravi qu'il y est autant de marque vendant des couleurs "nude" (beige) car ça va à tout le monde. Qu'est-ce qu'on ferai sans ? En plus, nos ongles ont l'air naturellement parfait sans avoir l'air d'y avoir passé beaucoup de temps. En ce qui me concerne je ne peux pas sortir de chez moi avec un ongle cassé ou du vernis qui commence à s'enlever. Je préfère mettre des couleurs plutôt pastel et vives car ça me rappelle le printems et l'été. Dans ce cas, je choisi principalement des vernis Essie ou L'Oréal car, premièrement, ils sont magnifiques et deuxièmement, la majorité de ma collection vient de chez eux.