Coffee spots in Paris

Coffee + friends is the best way to end an afternoon in Paris. Even if I'm not the biggest coffee fan, I think that once in awhile a cappuccino or a latte can't be bad. For weeks, I've been chasing after great coffee spot in the city like the ones you can see in pictures. It usually serves avocado toast and muesli therefore Instagram is the place to look for those spots that's why I like to follow accounts dedicated to food and drinks. Let me tell you that after living 13 years in Paris, I'm still impressed by what it has to offer. Those coffee spots are usually where I like to hang out with my girl friends when we don't know what to do. There are all located in busy arrondissement of Paris where there's actually something to do once we're done.

Café + potes est la meilleure façon de passer un après-midi à Paris. Même si je ne suis pas la plus grande fan de café, je dois admettre qu'une fois de temps à autre un cappuccino ou un latte n'est pas de refus. Pendant des semaines, j'ai cherché les meilleurs cafés dans la ville, ceux qu'on voit en photo, autre que ceux à tous les coins de rue qui se ressemblent. Je cherchais des authentiques cafés qui, le plus souvent, servent des toasts à l'avocat et des muesli, ainsi Instagram est l'endroit où chercher. J'aime suivre les comptes dédié à la nourriture et avec ça, je peux vous dire qu'après avoir vécu 13 ans à Paris, je suis toujours surprise. Je me rend à ces cafés quand on ne sait pas quoi faire avec mes copines. Ils sont tous situés dans des arrondissements connu où, enfin de compte, on trouve toujours quelque chose à faire après avoir fini.



54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003

Small coffee shop located in Marais is runned by very nice english girls. There's not much space but many seats. It's very cute and charming. They also serve amazing meals and you should especially try their avocado toasts with pomegranate seeds. Their granola bowls (muesli) are pretty basic (and little bit overpriced) but it's delicious.  

Coffee Spoune

36 rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011

This place will make you love books again. It's a coffee shop that looks like a library where you can get served coffee and eat treats at the same time. I love the vibe, the fact that you don't feel stuck between two tables makes the moment more enjoyable. It's also a great working spot if you're looking for something that looks less like an office. 

Café oberkampf

3 rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011

This is by far one of my favorite because it serves so many different meals from brunch to afternoon snacks. The place is tiny but once you're inside you'll be craving for baked eggs and avocado-feta toasts.