Dear New York...


After an 8-hour flight we arrived in spectacular New York and my eyes didn't know where to look at first. The only discomfort I experienced during this trip was to be stuck like a crepe for more than an hour on our taxi's front seat... I was too shy to tell him my seat wasn't moved back enough, don't judge.

We didn't really plan anything but since it was our first time, with my parents, we thought it would only be appropriate to visit 'first-timers in NYC' places, you know the places where all tourist gather to take pictures in fourteen different positions and angles lol. It's not really my cup of tea because when I travel I like to find those secret cute hidden places (all for the gram haha) but I didn't mind sightseeing even if the weather was atrocious. Remind you that it literally snowed on the first day and rained most of the other days. How do you call that ?... A nice welcome from mother nature, right !


We were staying in Hell's Kitchen near Times Square and it was surprisingly really easy and fast to go from point A to point B with the subway. No misadventures underground however I couldn't say the same going to the Statue of Liberty. In fact, I had everything sorted out the night before, from the subway to all directions etc. but the only thing I didn't know was that the ferry going to Staten Island wasn't the one we were supposed to hop on because Staten Island is not where the Statue of Liberty is. You can know laugh at me, go on.

Fortunately we just had to get on the ferry going back to Manhattan and wait in line just like everyone to see the right attraction. Remember when I said the weather was atrocious ? There is actually no word to describe how freaking cold it was. I was so cold I thought my hands were going to freeze and fell off my arms (sorry for the horrible vision here). Not to be anymore dramatic but when in Uniqlo, I bought one of those heattech t-shirt to wear under your clothes and in this part of the article I really want to thank the person who created this because it's a cold weather life-saver. 


As you can see here, we still had sunny days where the sky was blue and we could finally spot the top of some of the highest buildings. My favorite one was by far the One World Trade Center with its breathtaking 360Β° view, I really envy people working there. Head to my instagram to check some of the pictures I took and there wasn't a filter beautiful enough to compliment the view from the 102nd floor.

My favorite neighborhood was Soho and its beautiful buildings and overall architecture looking so unique and representative of New York City in all its glory. New York is such a crazy non-stop city that's why I loved the peaceful yet busy life in Central Park. Once again I wished the temperature could've been a bit higher to fully appreciate this amazing park. We didn't walk all the way to the North but I could already see myself living in the city and going for a run in the morning or walking my dog (I don't even have a dog) there. 

I think the best thing I could keep from this trip is that I will for sure go back many times and explore further, meaning I want to eat delicious cookies, doughnuts and everything that has to do with sugar (don't worry I have a healthy diet), go to jazz club, bar and museums, walk around not worrying about the rain... Already excited to meet you again New York !