Hello from London

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Dear London,

I've been there couple years ago and I didn't think I would fall love with a city this much when, as far as I can remember, London was just another big and hectic city to me. In fact, going back in my memories I didn't get to experience a trip other than from a tourist point of view the first time I went. Excursions and tourist buses are definitely not my cup of tea, if I may say. Instead, I'm keen on trying Instagram-friendly places as well as walking miles and miles around the city to discover that one coffee shop that's going to catch my eye. Deep down every big city's the same, hiding those incredible places that you would only know about if you live across the street.

J'ai été à Londres des années auparavant and je ne pensais pas autant aimer cette ville car aussi loin que je m'en souvienne, Londres n'était qu'une autre de ces grandes villes bondées. En effet, quand j'y repense la dernière fois que j'y suis allée, je n'ai fais que des choses banales qu'un touriste fait. Les excursions touristiques ne sont définitvement pas ma tasse de thé, si je peux dire ça. Au lieu de ça, je préfère largement explorer des endroits typiques d'Instagram comme des cafés qui vont attirer mon attention et celui de ma caméro également. Au fond, toutes les grandes villes sont les mêmes, cachant ces incroyables endroits que tu ne peux connaître seulement si c'est au bout de ta rue. 

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This time was the time for me to go on an adventure or at least as adventurous as it could get. No worries, my friend and I didn't go very far but we walked a lot for sure. We had prepared this trip a month before and we were still unsure of what our schedule would be once we get there because you always have that perfect plan set up in your head, thinking that it will go exactly like you thought but when you really get there it's a whole different story. Time flies by and you want to do everything at the same time (which is physically impossible). Damn. 

We enjoyed our stay in the heart of the city, between Fitzrovia and Soho which is where Oxford Street is located if you don't know London. With that being said, our main concern was how much time we needed in each and every single store there ? I guess, more than we thought because getting into a store was easy, staying in there was even easier but when it came to pay, things became a lot harder, surprisingly. But besides shopping, we got to spend some quality time eating, drinking (coffee, don't get me wrong) and taking pictures. 

Thank you London, you've been good to me and I will come back. 

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