My 10-step skin care routine (Korean style)

Skin care has played a huge role in my confidence level all throughout my teenage life and still today I feel like a spot on my forehead could ruin my week. However I taught myself to love my skin the way it is but take care of it preciously.

I've tried multiple skin care products for many years and it me took a while before figuring out what worked best on my skin. Now I'm sharing my complete routine from A to Z.


1 & 2 Double cleanse

To remove my makeup I use the doubling cleansing technique inspired by Korean women. It's a gentle way to prep my skin for the actual cleansing gel.

La Roche-Posay is truly a miracle for imperfection skin because its formulas are adapted for each and everyone's problem, you will see a huge improvement within 4-6 weeks (yes, it takes time).

3. Toner

Toner is meant to balance your skin pH which is challenged everyday by many factors (diet, pollution...). Using a toner is one of the key to bright, smooth and healthy skin. Why ? Well there are many articles online teaching you what toner is meant for but basically it's prepping your skin to 'receive' all your skin care products better.


Masking is probably one of the most neglected skin care step because it's time-consuming. However if you know about multi-masking then you know how much easier it is to incorporate this step to your routine. I mainly use three type of masks :

Hydrating : It moisturizes and protects my skin from the polluted environment all-day long.

Clay mask : It's purifying and cleaning your pores.

Brightening : Gives you a bit of that glow, for an even and a healthier complexion. 


Applied before your moisturizer, serum holds active ingredients to nourish and heal your skin. It's not too oily nor too moisturizing but it gives your skin the perfect level of hydration. If you want to know more about face serum, I found this article very informative.

6. blemish treatment

This step is totally optional and depends on your skin type. I've had a troubled past with my acne-prone skin and been through ups and downs during my teenage years but now, everything is perfectly balanced - just some light marks and scars left. However I still religiously keep a blemish cream just in case I have any spot coming. 

7. moisturizer

If I could only keep one product after cleansing my face, it would be my moisturizer. It's THE most important step in a skin care routine. Now once again, depending on your skin type choose a moisturizer that suits not only your skin but has active ingredients that will benefit and protect your skin. 

I feel like choosing a random cream out of a drugstore is not the best idea. In fact, I used to use random moisturizers until I understood my skin needed something hydrating but not oily or heavy because of my combination skin, which makes this gel texture cream a perfect match.

8. Eye serum

Just like a face serum, an eye serum is to apply before your eye cream. The one I use from The Ordinary targets under eye discoloration and puffiness which is probably everyone's biggest issue from the beggining of time. 

9. Eye cream

Have you ever woken up, looked at yourself in a mirror and went like 'I look like a poop' ? Then you should probably think about investing in a good eye cream because the majority of people who have dark circles either ignore it with a good cup of coffee or put concealer to 'brighten' their face... Big NO NO.

Eye cream just like moisturizer has not too hard to understand effects : hydrate, reduce discoloration and protect. Just as simple as that, it can also serve as a primer and is especially recommended to avoid any creasing of concealer under your eyes.

10. Face Oil (AT night)

My FAVORITE step but also the one I don't do every single night. In fact, ever since I started using a face oil I've seen a huge improvement with my skin. Regardless if you have oily or dry skin, a good face oil could not only improve your skin's overall appearance but also benefit to reduce your skin problems (redness, acne...)

 If you want to know more about the benefits of the face oil I use as well as why I love it so much, I talk about it here. Note that not every oil is good to apply on the face as some might break you out so get a FACE oil.

Disclaimer : If you have skin problems such as acne, don't ever think that a miracle product can solve everything. My number 1 recommendation is to consult a dermatologist first before trying any random product (like I did). He/She will be able to advice you correctly. Also always keep in mind that there's no such thing as a perfect skin - influencers, celebrities, models you see online don't have perfect skin but just good lighting or editing skills.