Punta Cana


This was a place I dreamt to go but never thought I would actually make it there. It's one of those places you imagine to be paradise on earth or almost a place out of this world. Back to 2013 and this magical trip that filled me with loads of memories I want to share but it would probably take more than an article to do so. 

Traveling to places like that is what makes me feel so fortunate about my life and everything I'm able to do and when I say "places like that" I mean somewhere that's the opposite of I've been used all my life. Many tourists go there and it's probably their most profitable way to increase their economy, but I'm a 100 percent sure that it has more to share than what we're shown. Nonetheless, what I saw during this trip was breathtaking. Those green lands, the animals, the islands surrounding Dominican Republic, the food, the landscapes... Everything was more than memorable. Just "Waouh". I don't think I've ever taken so many pictures. 

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We stayed in one those enormous resort that looked just like a little town inside a town. Everything was at our disposal to make sure we didn't need to leave by ourselves because, let's keep it real here, there's no real paradise on earth. Every time we were leaving the resort to explore the island it was under the supervision of a tour guide which is usual but the most surprising was the contrast between inside and outside the resort. In fact, inside was a postcard but out, we were brought to the hard reality of life where everyone has to work for every penny. One pregnant lady in the resort, who served us during our trip told us how hard the conditions were for the locals whereas everything seems to be so easy for the tourists. She was so nice.

As far as I'm concerned, this trip was of the most memorable and I hope that I'll return one day either with my friend or family. I miss the blue water and those days laying on the white sand. It's not the same even in the South of France. Those long days out on catamaran eating lobster and swimming among starfish, dolphins and turtle. It was more than just a pleasant week. What a trip ! If you don't know where to go next Summer, I'm strongly recommending Punta Cana or Dominican Republic in general. Islands are always full of surprises.

Ce mémorable voyage à Punta Cana et les îles autours était l'un des plus extraordinaire and j'espère pouvoir y retourner bientôt. L'eau bleu turquoise et le sable de sable blanc me manquent. Ce n'est même pas comparable au Sud de la France, malheureusement. On passait de longues journées en catamaran pour manger du homard et nager auprès des étoiles de mer, dauphins et tortues. C'est au-déélà de mes espérances. Quel séjour ! Si vous ne savez pas où aller ou si vous hésitez encore, je vous recommande fortement Punta Cana ou la République Dominicaine en général, qui offre des paysages naturels splendides de ce que j'ai pu voir sur Instagram. 

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