Seafood in the heart of Paris


For my last day as an intern for the best PR team ever (La Boutique RP), we booked a table at Bulot Bulot, a seafood / oyster bar located in one of my favorite neighborhood of Paris : Montmartre. 

At first sight, the place doesn't look like much. It's simple, minimalistic and small... When I say small, I mean that our team of 8 took half of the space but it was worth it because food was SO GOOD !

We couldn't resist to a toasted and buttery lobster / crab rolls and oh-my-god... I went on cloud nine after the first bite, no joke. At this exact moment, I wish I could have this delivered to my front door even if it's not lunch time.

This adresse is a keeper because it's just one of those genuine places with fresh and qualitative seafood. Keep in mind that it's small place that can easily become full during lunch and dinner time, especially during weekends.  


Bulot Bulot

83 rue des martyrs - 75018 paris

M: abbesses / pigalle (2)

open (reservation recommended) :

tuesday to thursday, 7 p.M - 11 P.M

friday to sunday, 12 a.M - 3 P.M